New Guy, The

Dizzy Harrison is an unpopular, high school geek going through a hellish senior year. In an attempt to make a new identity for himself, Dizzy gets himself expelled from his high school, learns the technics of being cool from a prison inmate, and enrolls at a new high school under the alias Gil Harris, to make new friends where he soon gains respect from the jocks and geeks alike. Dizzy then gets noticed by the head cheerleader, Danielle, and helps the school football team gain self-respect to win games

. But things unknowingly begin to turn sour when Danielle’s disgruntled boyfriend begins investigating into “Gil Harris'” past to uncover any dirt on him.

New Guy, The

Title: New Guy, The

Release Date: 2002

Genres: Comedy

    Directors: Ed Decter


  • Qualls, DJ as Dizzy Harrison/Gil Harris
  • Dushku, Eliza as Danielle
  • Deschanel, Zooey as Nora
  • Mixon, Jerod as Kirk
  • Shen, Parry as Glen
  • Lovett, Lyle as Bear Harrison
  • Griffin, Eddie as Luther
  • Mabrey, Sunny as Courtney
  • Patterson, Ross as Connor Maguire
  • Gogin, Matt as Ed Ligget
  • Sanz, Horatio as Dance Instructor
  • Hawk, Tony as Drillers Fan
  • Lewis, Geoffrey as Principal Zaylor
  • O”Connell, Charlie as Highland High Party Twin #2
  • Simmons, Gene as Reverend

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