Men in Black II

It has been four years since the alien-seeking agents averted an intergalactic disaster of epic proportions. Kay has since returned to the comforts of civilian life while Jay continues to work for the Men in Black, the highly funded yet unofficial government agency that regulates all things alien on earth. While investigating a seemingly routine crime, Jay uncovers a diabolical plot masterminded by Serleena, an evil Kylothian monster who disguises herself as a sexy lingerie model

. It’s a race against the clock as Jay must convince Kay—who not only has no memory of his time spent with the agency, but is also the only person alive who has the expertise to save the galaxy—to reunite with the MIB before Earth is destroyed completely.

Men in Black II

Title: Men in Black II

Release Date: 2002

Genres: Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi

    Directors: Sonnenfeld, Barry


  • Jones, Tommy Lee as Kevin Brown, Agent Kay
  • Smith, Will as Agent Jay
  • Torn, Rip as Zed
  • Boyle, Lara Flynn as Serleena
  • Knoxville, Johnny as Scrad/Charlie
  • Dawson, Rosario as Laura Vasquez
  • Shalhoub, Tony as Jack Jeebs
  • Warburton, Patrick as Agent Tee
  • Kehler, Jack as Ben
  • Cross, David as Newton
  • Jacobsen-Derstine, Colombe as Hailey
  • Spellos, Peter as Captain Larry Bridgewater, The Motorman
  • Rivkin, Michael as Man with Harvey, the Dog
  • Smith, Michael Bailey as Creepy
  • Venito, Lenny as New York Guy

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