Magnifique, Le

Francois Merlin is an espionnage-book writer. He likes to mix every-day character he can met in his book. In his book, he is Bob Saint Clar, his neighbour Christine appears as Tatiana and his editor Georges Charon as Colonel Karpoff


Magnifique, Le

Title: Magnifique, Le

Release Date: 1973

Genres: Comedy

    Directors: Broca, Philippe de


  • Belmondo, Jean-Paul as Bob Saint-Clair/François Merlin
  • Bisset, Jacqueline as Tatiana/Christine
  • Caprioli, Vittorio as Karpof/Charron
  • Meyer, Hans as Colonel Collins
  • Tarbès, Monique as Mrs. Berger
  • Garcin, Bruno as Pilu
  • Gérôme, Raymond as General Pontaubert
  • Lefebvre, Jean as The electrician
  • Weber, André as The plumber
  • Deschamps, Hubert as Le vendeur
  • Musson, Bernard as Interpreter
  • Frugès, Thalie as Publishing House Hostess
  • Barrera, René as The Chinese/The Bride
  • Puebla, Rodrigo as Benson
  • Rambal, Jean-Pierre as The Lecturer

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