Lost Empire, The

American Businessman and China Scholar, Nick Orton is enlisted by the Buddhist goddess of mercy to save his world from de-evolving to the time of the Demon Master Shu and the 5 Traditional Masters who wish for no progress to ever happen. Nick is given help in the form of The Handsome Monkey king, Pigsy and Friar Sand who must do battle with dragons, demons and a heavenly legal system to assure that Earth remains as it should be.

Lost Empire, The

Title: Lost Empire, The

Release Date: 2001

Genres: Adventure, Fantasy

    Directors: MacDonald, Peter


  • Gibson, Thomas as Nicholas Orton
  • Bai, Ling as Kwan Ying
  • Wong, Russell as Monkey King
  • Young, Ric as Confucius
  • Bedi, Kabir as Friar Sand
  • Marsan, Eddie as Pigsy
  • Kim, Randall Duk as Shu
  • O, Henry as Wu
  • Beesley, Terence as Prince of Confusion
  • Bernstein, Simon as Umbrella King
  • Cheng, Cecil as Monkey
  • Chinn, Anthony as Citizen 1
  • Faulkner, James as Marcus Harding
  • Kong, Turbo as Big Demon
  • Kwouk, Burt as Professor Sheng

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