Lords of Dogtown

A fictionalized take on the group of brilliant young skateboarders raised in the mean streets of Dogtown in Santa Monica, California. The Z-Boys, as they come to be known, perfect their craft in the empty swimming pools of unsuspecting suburban homeowners, pioneering a thrilling new sport and eventually moving into legend.

Lords of Dogtown

Title: Lords of Dogtown

Release Date: 2005

Genres: Action, Biography, Drama, Sport

    Directors: Hardwicke, Catherine


  • Robinson, John as Stacy
  • Hirsch, Emile as Jay
  • De Mornay, Rebecca as Philaine
  • Mapother, William as Donnie
  • Mechoso, Julio Oscar as Mr. Alva
  • Rasuk, Victor as Tony
  • Reed, Nikki as Kathy Alva
  • Ledger, Heath as Skip
  • Laresca, Vincent as Chino
  • Zarate, Brian as Montoya
  • Schreiber, Pablo as Stecyk
  • Henson, Elden as Billy Z
  • Angarano, Michael as Sid
  • Hedberg, Mitch as Urethane Wheels Guy
  • Nurick, Benjamin as Browser

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