Live Free or Die

It’s not the crime, it’s the cover-up. In small-town, hard-scrabble New Hampshire, foul-mouthed all-talk slacker John “Rugged” Rudgate fancies himself a criminal. When a local plumber stares him down at a pub, Rugged vows revenge, pouring brake fluid in the man’s water supply

. When the man dies from unrelated causes, Rugged and his side-kick, the even dimmer Jeff, try to cover up what they think is murder. One bad decision begets another.

Live Free or Die

Title: Live Free or Die

Release Date: 2006

Genres: Comedy, Crime

    Directors: Kavet, Gregg


  • Stanford, Aaron as John “Rugged” Rudgate
  • Schneider, Paul as Lagrand
  • Rapaport, Michael as Putney
  • Dunn, Kevin as Monson
  • Deschanel, Zooey as Cheryl
  • Moss-Bachrach, Ebon as Gazaniga
  • Friedlander, Judah as Hesh
  • Tambakis, Peter Anthony as Marcus
  • Rodgers, R.E. as Oldfield
  • Director, Kim as Donna
  • Alban, Carlo as Todd Thomas
  • Abbott, Steve as Steve
  • Carey, Daniel as O”Shea
  • Feaster, George as Omar
  • Foley, Donald as Oldfield”s Buddy

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