Lake House, The

In Chicago, the lonely architect Alex Wyler has a troubled relationship with his father Simon Wyler. In 2004, he buys an old glass house in a lake, designed and built by his father, and he finds a message in his mailbox from the former tenant, the also lonely Dr. Kate Forster, asking to deliver her correspondence in an address downtown

. Alex meets his brother Henry in Chicago and when they go to the address with Dr. Forster’s correspondence, they find a building of luxury apartments under construction to be delivered eighteen months later. After some messages, Alex and Kate disclose that she is living in 2006 and Alex in 2004, they fall in love for each other and they try to find means to meet each other.

Lake House, The

Title: Lake House, The

Release Date: 2006

Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Romance

    Directors: Agresti, Alejandro


  • Reeves, Keanu as Alex Wyler
  • Bullock, Sandra as Kate Forster
  • Plummer, Christopher as Simon Wyler
  • Aghdashloo, Shohreh as Anna Klyczynski
  • Moss-Bachrach, Ebon as Henry Wyler
  • Ammelrooy, Willeke van as Kate”s Mother
  • Walsh, Dylan as Morgan
  • Lynn Collins as Mona
  • Bacarella, Mike as Mulhern
  • Brennan, Kevin as Waiter
  • Caeti, Frank as Cove Patron
  • Elias, Scott as Doug
  • Gerdisch, Lori Ann as ICU Nurse
  • Gorman, Michael Andrew as Cove Bartender
  • Kern, Jennifer as Nurse

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