Kelly’s Heroes

During World War II, Lieutenant Kelly learns of a German bank located behind enemy lines containing 16 million dollars in gold bars. His platoon, led by Big Joe, has three days of R&R coming, so, with the aid of hustler Crapgame, anachronistic hippie Oddball, three Sherman tanks and a touch of irreverence, Kelly leads his men deep into French territory to steal the gold for themselves.

Kelly's Heroes

Title: Kelly’s Heroes

Release Date: 1970

Genres: Action, Comedy, War

    Directors: Hutton, Brian G.


  • Eastwood, Clint as Pvt. Kelly
  • Savalas, Telly as MSgt. Big Joe
  • Rickles, Don as SSgt. Crapgame
  • O”Connor, Carroll as Maj. Gen. Colt
  • Sutherland, Donald as Sgt. Oddball
  • MacLeod, Gavin as Moriarty
  • Buckley, Hal as Capt. Maitland
  • Margolin, Stuart as Pvt. Little Joe
  • Morris, Jeff as Pvt. Cowboy
  • Davalos, Richard as Pvt. Gutowski
  • Lopez, Perry as Pvt. Petuko
  • Troupe, Tom as Cpl. Job
  • Stanton, Harry Dean as Pvt. Willard
  • Balduzzi, Dick as Pvt. Fisher
  • Collins, Gene as Pvt. Babra

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