Just My Luck

Manhattan socialite, Ashley is the luckiest person in New York. Untill, one night she goes to a masquerade ball and meets, Jake. Jake on the other hand has the worst luck

. After kissing Jake, Ashley is horrified to find out that she and Jake swapped luck.

Just My Luck

Title: Just My Luck

Release Date: 2006

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

    Directors: Petrie, Donald


  • Lohan, Lindsay as Ashley Albright
  • Pine, Chris as Jake Hardin
  • Armstrong, Samaire as Maggie
  • Turner, Bree as Dana
  • Love, Faizon as Damon Phillips
  • Pyle, Missi as Peggy Braden
  • Ponce, Carlos as Antonio
  • Fletcher, Tom as Himself – McFly Band Member
  • Jones, Danny as Himself – McFly Band Member
  • Judd, Harry as Himself – McFly Band Member
  • Vega, Makenzie as Katy
  • Poynter, Dougie as Himself – McFly Band Member
  • Fleming, Jaqueline as Tiffany
  • Rhodes, Dane as Mac
  • Hawkins, Ira as Doorman Oscar

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