Instinct to Kill

Escaped serial killer James Becket, who killed his own father whose expectations he never fulfilled, but now especially targets his wife Theresa ‘Tess’ and her family, is too good at disguising himself and other deceit for detective Diffs task force. Only one man proves able to fight back in his league: former cop J.T

. Dillon, who was already training Tess in self-defense and becomes her lover. Becket decides to find hiding place by kidnapping Diffs wife, and thus enforce a final show-down.

Instinct to Kill

Title: Instinct to Kill

Release Date: 2001

Genres: Action

    Directors: Graef-Marino, Gustavo


  • Dacascos, Mark as J.T. Dillon
  • Crider, Missy as Tess Beckett
  • Abell, Tim as Jim Beckett
  • Hardison, Kadeem as Lance Difford
  • Jacobson, Jill as Arlene
  • McBee, Deron as Des
  • Greene, James as Old Man
  • Sarna, Michael J. as Undercover 1
  • McGill, Michael Patrick as Undercover 2
  • Ryan, Tracy as Gina
  • Quinlan, Maeve as Receiving Nurse

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