I Know Who Killed Me

The script revolves around Aubrey Fleming (Lohan), a young woman who is rescued after being abducted and tortured by a serial killer. When Fleming returns home, she claims to be someone else, raising questions as to whether she is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or if something more sinister is going on.

I Know Who Killed Me

Title: I Know Who Killed Me

Release Date: 2007

Genres: Thriller

    Directors: Sivertson, Chris


  • Lohan, Lindsay as Aubrey Fleming
  • Ormond, Julia as Susan Fleming
  • McDonough, Neal as Daniel Fleming
  • Geraghty, Brian as Jerrod Pointer
  • Beauvais, Garcelle as Julie Bascome
  • Garrett, Spencer as Phil Lazarus
  • Itzin, Gregory as Dr. Greg Jameson
  • Aarons, Bonnie as Fat Teena
  • Moore, Kenya as Jazmin
  • Tofel, Thomas as Douglas Norquist
  • Rowland, Rodney as Kenny Scaife
  • Figlioli, David as Lanny Rierden
  • Fuehrer, Amy as 1st Reporter
  • Adler, Michael as Dr. Alex Dupree
  • Bell, Art as Himself

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