Hurly-burly is an adaptation of David Rabe’s well known play about the intersecting lives of several Hollywood players and wannabes who’s personal lives threaten to veer into a catastrophe more interesting than anything they’re peddling to the studios.


Title: Hurlyburly

Release Date: 1998

Genres: Drama

    Directors: Drazan, Anthony


  • Penn, Sean as Eddie
  • Spacey, Kevin as Mickey
  • Wright Penn, Robin as Darlene
  • Palminteri, Chazz as Phil
  • Shandling, Garry as Artie
  • Paquin, Anna as Donna
  • Ryan, Meg as Bonnie
  • Ranaudo, Gianna as Susie
  • Fabrizio, David as Store Manager
  • Vance, Kenny as Singer
  • Babich, Michaline as Receptionist
  • Corral Kendall, Elaine as TV Anchor
  • Tay, Sharon as TV Reporter
  • Somerville, Frank as TV Anchor
  • Jimenez, Bob as Newscaster

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