Jeff Talley, a former LAPD hostage negotiator, has moved himself away from his failed career outside of Los Angeles, and away from his wife and daughter. When a convenience store robbery goes wrong in his turf, the three perpetrators move in on an unsuspecting family. But the family’s father has a secret which might compromise his kin, and one of the criminals is about to jump over the edge

. Jeff Talley has to get everybody to survive the night……if he can.


Title: Hostage

Release Date: 2005

Genres: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller

    Directors: Siri, Florent Emilio


  • Willis, Bruce as Jeff Talley
  • Pollak, Kevin as Walter Smith
  • Bennett, Jimmy as Tommy Smith
  • Horn, Michelle as Jennifer Smith
  • Foster, Ben as Mars Krupcheck
  • Tucker, Jonathan as Dennis Kelly
  • Allman, Marshall as Kevin Kelly
  • Scott Thomas, Serena as Jane Talley
  • Willis, Rumer as Amanda Talley
  • Coates, Kim as The Watchman
  • Knepper, Robert as Wil Bechler
  • Lifford, Tina as Laura Shoemaker
  • Doherty, Ransford as Mike Anders
  • Holden, Marjean as Carol Flores
  • Roberts, Michael D. as Ridley

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