Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry is about to start his fifth year at Hogwarts. He’s desperate to get back to school and find out why his friends Ron and Hermoine have been so secretive all summer. However, what Harry is about to discover in his new year at Hogwarts will turn his world upside down


Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Title: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Release Date: 2007

Genres: Adventure, Drama, Family, Fantasy

    Directors: Yates, David


  • Radcliffe, Daniel as Harry Potter
  • Grint, Rupert as Ron Weasley
  • Watson, Emma as Hermione Granger
  • Bonham Carter, Helena as Bellatrix Lestrange
  • Coltrane, Robbie as Rubeus Hagrid
  • Fiennes, Ralph as Lord Voldemort
  • Gambon, Michael as Albus Dumbledore
  • Gleeson, Brendan as Alastor ”Mad­Eye” Moody
  • Griffiths, Richard as Uncle Vernon
  • Isaacs, Jason as Lucius Malfoy
  • Oldman, Gary as Sirius Black
  • Rickman, Alan as Severus Snape
  • Shaw, Fiona as Aunt Petunia
  • Smith, Maggie as Minerva McGonagall
  • Staunton, Imelda as Dolores Umbridge

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