Hard As Nails

A young American member of the Japanese Mafia gains power, and anyone standing in his way is asking for big trouble. Meanwhile, another gangster is caught up in this game of deception and betrayal, and must fight to survive in the dangerous crossfire.

Hard As Nails

Title: Hard As Nails

Release Date: 2001

Genres: Action, Crime

    Directors: Katkin, Brian


  • Scotti, Allen as Alexi
  • Yates, Kim as Kat
  • Craig, Andrew as Vlad
  • Westmore, Matt as Takura
  • McComas, Lorissa as Deb
  • Timmons, John as Tony
  • Farentino, Stella as Margo
  • Reynolds, Shannon as Mikhail
  • Hotchko, Andre as Crosby
  • Jade as Tic
  • Pollino, Matthew as Supporting
  • Katz, Jerome as Igore
  • Mercier, Nicole as Julie
  • McCoy, Andre as Yakuza Enforcer
  • Zaror, Marko as Russian Bodyguard 1

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