Grudge 2, The

Set within two years after the first film and between two countries. Karen’s sister, Audrey, been affected by the supernatural curse, and trying to find the origin of it in order to find a way to free herself. But what has this quest got to do with the families who are living in Chicago, a photojournalist from Hong Kong,and the three schoolgirls from Tokyo’s International High School?

Grudge 2, The

Title: Grudge 2, The

Release Date: 2006

Genres: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller

    Directors: Takashi Shimizu


  • Gellar, Sarah Michelle as Karen Davis
  • Tamblyn, Amber as Aubrey Davis
  • Chen, Edison as Eason
  • Kebbel, Arielle as Allison
  • Beals, Jennifer as Trish
  • Palmer, Teresa as Vanessa
  • Uno, Misako as Miyuki
  • Roemer, Sarah as Lacey
  • Knight, Matthew as Jake
  • Fuji, Takako as Kayako Saeki
  • Tanaka, Ohga as Toshio Saeki
  • Cassidy, Joanna as Mrs. Davis
  • Cousins, Christopher as Bill
  • Jarrett, Paul as John Fleming
  • Dewan, Jenna as Sally

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