Good Thief, The

Set against the glitzy backdrop of the French Riviera, aging gambler Bob Montagnet is about to gamble it all on the casino heist of a lifetime; a spectatcular sleight of hand–two heists, one real, one not, but which is which? Under the watchful eye of Roger, a policeman who would as soon save his longtime opponent as arrest him, Montagnet assembles a team that consists of partners Paulo and Raoul, technical mastermind Vladimer, former-drug-dealer-turned-informant Said, Anne, a young Eastern girl Montagnet rescued from prostitution, and the perfect complement to a double theft–identical twins Albert and Bertram.

Good Thief, The

Title: Good Thief, The

Release Date: 2002

Genres: Crime, Drama

    Directors: Jordan, Neil


  • Kukhianidze, Nutsa as Anne
  • Embarek, Ouassini as Said
  • Lavoine, Marc as Remi
  • Nolte, Nick as Bob Montagnet
  • Karyo, Tchéky as Roger
  • Darmon, Gérard as Raoul
  • Taghmaoui, Saïd as Paulo
  • Kell, Patricia as Yvonne
  • Maurel, Julien as Philippe
  • Kusturica, Emir as Vladimir
  • Munter, Roland as Kozinski
  • Zavatta, Warren as Petit Louis
  • Trifard, Théo as Bill
  • Bridges, Sarah as Philippa
  • Dromard, Nicolas as Luigi

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