Meet Garfield. One of life’s greatest answers to the fattest cat in the world. All he does all day long is sleep, watch TV and eat lasagna

. But things change for the fat cat when his faithful owner, Jon Arbuckle (Brecken Meyer) brings home a new rival for Garfield – a dog named Odie. Garfield opposes his new puppy rival until Odie runs away and is picked up by a nasty dog trainer, Happy Chapman. Now it’s up to Garfield to finally leave his precious ‘cul-de sac’ and go on a daring rescue mission to rescue his opponent before its too late!


Title: Garfield

Release Date: 2004

Genres: Animation, Comedy, Family

    Directors: Hewitt, Peter


  • Meyer, Breckin as Jon
  • Hewitt, Jennifer Love as Liz
  • Tobolowsky, Stephen as Happy Chapman
  • Murray, Bill as Garfield
  • Arnold, Evan as Wendell
  • Lawrence, Mark Christopher as Christopher Mello
  • Christelle, Vanessa as Miss True-Value
  • Krall, Daamen J. as Announcer
  • Gifford, Rufus as Dog Owner #1
  • Reicher, Randee as Dog Owner #2
  • McKasson, Ryan as Dog Owner #3
  • Moore, Susan as Dog Owner #4
  • Brent, Eve as Mrs. Baker
  • Hoag, Bill as Roy the Lodge Member
  • Monks, Michael as Deputy Hopkins

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