Funny Face

Fashion photographer Dick Avery (Fred Astaire), in search for an intellectual backdrop for an air-headed model, expropriates a Greenwich Village bookstore. When the photo session is over the store is left in a shambles, much to salesgirl Jo Stockton’s (Audrey Hepburn) dismay. Avery stays behind to help her clean up

. Later, he examines the photos taken there and sees Jo in the background of one shot. He is intrigued by her unique appearance, as is Maggie Prescott (Kay Thompson), the editor of a leading fashion magazine. They offer Jo a modeling contract, which she reluctantly accepts only because it includes a trip to Paris. Eventually, her snobbish attitude toward the job softens, and Jo begins to enjoy the work and the company of her handsome photographer.

Funny Face

Title: Funny Face

Release Date: 1957

Genres: Comedy, Musical, Romance

    Directors: Donen, Stanley


  • Hepburn, Audrey as Jo Stockton
  • Astaire, Fred as Dick Avery
  • Thompson, Kay as Maggie Prescott
  • Auclair, Michel as Prof. Emile Flostre
  • Flemyng, Robert as Paul Duval
  • Dovima as Marion
  • Parker, Suzy as Specialty Dancer
  • Hartnett, Sunny as Specialty Dancer
  • Del Val, Jean as Hairdresser
  • Gibson, Virginia as Babs
  • England, Sue as Laura
  • Lee, Ruta as Lettie
  • Gerry, Alex as Dovitch
  • Castiglioni, Iphigenie as Armande
  • Booth, Nesdon as Southern man

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