Final Analysis

A psychiatrist (Gere) has an affair with his patient’s sister (Basinger) who is married to a Greek mobster (Roberts). The mobster is a tyrant over his wife. The psychiatrist wants her to get a divorce, but she is afraid of what her husband would do

. She has a medical condition that becomes apparent when she drinks. One night she drinks anyway and attacks her husband. The psychiatrist uses his professional pull to try and help her out of the consequences of her actions, but becomes uncertain if she is telling him the truth.

Final Analysis

Title: Final Analysis

Release Date: 1992

Genres: Drama, Romance, Thriller

    Directors: Joanou, Phil


  • Gere, Richard as Dr. Isaac Barr
  • Basinger, Kim as Heather Evans
  • Thurman, Uma as Diana Baylor
  • Roberts, Eric as Jimmy Evans
  • Guilfoyle, Paul as Mike O”Brien
  • David, Keith as Detective Huggins
  • Harper, Robert as Alan Lowenthal
  • Rodriguez, Agustin as Pepe Carrero
  • Zohar, Rita as Dr. Grusin
  • Murdock, George as Judge Costello
  • Prestia, Shirley as Dist. Atty. Kaufman
  • Genaro, Tony as Hector
  • Cortez, Katherine as Woman Speaker
  • Moy, Wood as Dr. Lee
  • Fischer, Corey as Forensic Doctor

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