Fallen Ones, The

The Fallen Ones, an ancient cult in Egypt that worshiped giants. One such giant was Aramis, who’s father is a fallen Fallen Angel who had Armamis mummified to save his spirit from the great flood. Time passes and it’s 2005 and a team of Archaeologists have found the tomb lead by clues in ancient text

. But one of them is not who they appear to be, he is the Fallen One and has plans on resurrecting Aramis and start a new race of giants and destroy all of humankind. Unless Matt and his team can find a way to take down a hundred foot mummy.

Fallen Ones, The

Title: Fallen Ones, The

Release Date: 2005

Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror

    Directors: VanHook, Kevin


  • Van Dien, Casper as Matt Fletcher
  • Kristen Miller as Angela
  • Wagner, Robert as Morton
  • Lewis, Geoffrey as Gus Ferguson
  • Negahban, Navid as Ammon/The Fallen One
  • Bosley, Tom as Rabbi Eli Schmidtt
  • Grant, Saginaw as Joseph
  • Whyte, Scott as Mickey
  • Struycken, Carel as High Priest
  • Morse, Jim as Ammon”s Guard
  • Espinosa, Pablo as Dennis/Security Guard
  • Mukes, Robert Allen as Aramis
  • Keyes, Irwin as Pale eyed priest
  • Marcott, Braeden as High priest #2
  • Allen, Shane as Deputy two

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