Escort, The

“The Escort” is a decent soft core sex thriller featuring Shauna O’Brien and always beautiful Landon Hall.\nThe sex scenes are steamy and great. Shauna performs these scenes in the shower, jacuzzi, bed, etc

. She’s great as always. The plot is the last thing you should care about. Shauna works as an escort that goes mad and starts some killing after a series of certain events. Expect great sex scenes and beautiful women. What else can you ask for?!

Escort, The

Title: Escort, The

Release Date: 1997

Genres: Drama, Thriller

    Directors: Graver, Gary


  • O”Brien, Shauna as Suzanne Lane
  • Hall, Landon as Debra Gray
  • Coppola, Scott as Shane Gray
  • O”Rourke, Gregory S. as Griffen Travis
  • Ryan, Shayna as Lianne
  • Lavery, Ron as Lincoln Christian
  • Case, Tom as Allen
  • Ruth, Robert as Lieutenant West
  • O”Bannon, Sean as Rick
  • Mortensen, Bob as Uniformed Cop #1
  • Abell, Tim
  • Alexander, Tisha

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