Driving Miss Daisy

An elderly Jewish widow living in Atlanta can no longer drive. Her son insists she allow him to hire a driver, which in the 1950s meant a black man. She resists any change in her life but, Hoke, the driver is hired by her son

. She refuses to allow him to drive her anywhere at first, but Hoke slowly wins her over with his native good graces. The movie is directly taken from a stage play and does show it. It covers over twenty years of the pair’s life together as they slowly build a relationship that transcends their differences.

Driving Miss Daisy

Title: Driving Miss Daisy

Release Date: 1989

Genres: Comedy, Drama

    Directors: Beresford, Bruce


  • Freeman, Morgan as Hoke Colburn
  • Tandy, Jessica as Daisy Werthan
  • Aykroyd, Dan as Boolie Werthan
  • LuPone, Patti as Florine Werthan
  • Rolle, Esther as Idella
  • Havrilla, Joann as Miss McClatchey
  • Hall Jr., William as Oscar
  • Sugarman, Alvin M. as Dr. Weil
  • Geigerman, Clarice F. as Nonie
  • Moore, Muriel as Miriam
  • Kaler, Sylvia as Beulah
  • Gold, Carolyn as Neighbor lady
  • Fox, Crystal R. as Katie Bell (Boolie”s cook)
  • Hannah, Bob as Red Mitchell (Century Cadillac dealer)
  • McKinnon, Ray as Alabama trooper #1

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