Joe Darrow (Kevin Costner) lost his wife, Emily (Susanna Thompson), in a bus accident in South America. It’s hard for him to accept her death, but when it seems that he could move on with his life, at least, something weird happen. Mysterious symbols starts appear around him all the time, and Joe sure that Emily is beyond all this, trying to contact him and to tell him something

. He goes after the clues that the symbols left, which lead him to different places. His friends think he become nuts, but he is steady with his decision to find out what’s behind the symbols. When the last symbol brings him to South America, he is about to be very very surprised


Title: Dragonfly

Release Date: 2002

Genres: Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller

    Directors: Shadyac, Tom


  • Costner, Kevin as Joe Darrow
  • Thompson, Susanna as Emily Darrow
  • Morton, Samantha as Hugh Campbell
  • Rifkin, Adam as Charlie Dickinson
  • Bates, Kathy as Mrs. Belmont
  • Bailey Jr., Robert as Jeffrey Reardon
  • Smith, Jacob as Ben
  • Thomas, Jay as Hal
  • Banes, Lisa as Flora
  • Craven, Matt as Eric
  • Biggs, Casey as Neil Darrow
  • Hope, Leslie as Charisse Darrow
  • Hansen, Peter as Phillip Darrow
  • Fisher, Marybeth as Eulogist
  • Staunton, Kim as Intake Nurse

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