Legend tells of three magic diamonds that, if in the wrong hands, can be united to create a force powerful enough to freeze the sun. When the evil sorcerer Zeebad escapes from his ancient prison, he vows to exact revenge by deep-freezing the earth forever. Determined to save the world, a fellowship of four unlikely heroes band together to foil Zeebad’s villainous plot

. Led by the candy-loving mutt Doogal, friends Dylan, Brian, and Ermintrude all embark on an epic adventure to save the world. In order to find the diamonds before Zeebad, they must climb icy mountains, navigate fiery pits of molten lava, sail across vast oceans and pass through a booby-trapped temple guarded by an army of ninja skeleton warriors. Along the way they learn that the most powerful weapon is their friendship – which even Zeebad’s evil magic cannot destroy.


Title: Doogal

Release Date: 2006

Genres: Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family

    Directors: Borthwick, Dave


  • Tay, Daniel as Doogal
  • Fallon, Jimmy as Dylan
  • Stewart, Jon as Zeebad
  • Goldberg, Whoopi as Ermintrude
  • Macy, William H. as Brian
  • Chase, Chevy as Train
  • Dench, Judi as Narrator
  • Minogue, Kylie as Florence
  • McKellen, Ian as Zebedee
  • Smith, Kevin as Moose
  • Hader, Bill as Soldier Sam
  • Edwards, Cory as Additional Voices
  • Krasinski, John as Additional Voices
  • Myers, Heidi Brook as Coral

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