Die Hard 2

Bruce Willis returns as John McClane in this action-packed sequel to Die Hard (1988). At Dulles International Airport, McClane is waiting for his wife Holly to land. A while after he arrives at the airport, he feels that something’s wrong

. He follows two men into the luggage room. They both try to kill him, but he kills one and the other gets away. He gets the dead guy’s fingerprints and faxes them to his friend Al Powell over in L.A. The man’s name was Oswald Cochrane, and he had been officially dead for two years. John then realizes that someone is about to screw around with the airport, and he’s correct. Colonel Stuart, a man who got “canned by congress”, as McClane says it, and his team of ex-commandos have taken control of the airport, shutting down the Instrument Landing System and the runways. He then threatens to cause plane crashes unless the plane carrying Ramon Esperanza from Valverde (the fictitious country used in Commando (1985)) lands at a runway of his designation. The Chief Engineer and the airport’s S.W.A.T. team unsuccessfully try to restore communications with the planes above. Because of this, Stuart crashes a plane. McClane must now try to defeat the terrorists and save his wife before her plane, and all the other planes, run out of fuel.

Die Hard 2

Title: Die Hard 2

Release Date: 1990

Genres: Action, Adventure, Thriller

    Directors: Harlin, Renny


  • Willis, Bruce as John McClane
  • Bedelia, Bonnie as Holly McClane
  • Atherton, William as Richard Thornburg
  • Sadler, William as Col. Stuart
  • Johnson, Reginald as Sgt. Al Powell
  • Nero, Franco as Gen. Ramon Esperanza
  • Amos, John as Maj. Grant
  • Franz, Dennis as Capt. Carmine Lorenzo
  • Evans, Art as Leslie Barnes
  • Thompson, Fred Dalton as Trudeau
  • Bower, Tom as Marvin
  • McCarthy, Sheila as Samantha Coleman
  • Harvey, Don as Garber
  • Ganios, Tony as Baker
  • Nelson, Peter as Thompson

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