Contact, based on the novel of the same name by Carl Sagan, is the story of a free thinking radio astronomer (Jodie Foster) who discovers an intelligent signal broadcast from deep space. She and her fellow scientists are able to decipher the Message and discover detailed instructions for building a mysterious Machine. Will the Machine spell the end of our world, or the end of our superstitions? Will we take our place among the races of the Galaxy, or are we just an upstart species with a long way to go?


Title: Contact

Release Date: 1997

Genres: Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi

    Directors: Zemeckis, Robert


  • Malone, Jena as Young Ellie
  • Morse, David as Ted Arroway
  • Foster, Jodie as Ellie Arroway
  • Blake, Geoffrey as Fisher
  • Fichtner, William as Kent
  • Chester, Sami as Vernon
  • McNeil, Timothy as Davio
  • Surillo, Laura Elena as Cantina Woman
  • McConaughey, Matthew as Palmer Joss
  • Skerritt, Tom as David Drumlin
  • Strozier, Henry as Minister
  • Chaban, Michael as S. R. Hadden
  • Martini, Max as Willie
  • King, Larry as Himself
  • Garner, Thomas as Ian Broderick

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