Conan the Destroyer

Princess Jehnna has been captured by a sorcerer, so the evil queen Taramis (who wants to sacrifice Jehnna and take the throne for ever) asks from Conan to find her and bring her back to the castle. Conan accepts, because Taramis has magical powers and thus she is the only person who can bring his dead love back in life.

Conan the Destroyer

Title: Conan the Destroyer

Release Date: 1984

Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

    Directors: Fleischer, Richard


  • Schwarzenegger, Arnold as Conan
  • Jones, Grace as Zula
  • Chamberlain, Wilt as Bombaata
  • Mako as Akiro ”The Wizard”
  • Walter, Tracey as Malak
  • Douglas, Sarah as Queen Taramis
  • d”Abo, Olivia as Princess Jehnna
  • Roach, Pat as Man Ape/Toth-Amon
  • Corey, Jeff as Grand Vizier
  • Thorsen, Sven-Ole as Togra
  • Fleischer, Bruce as Village Heckler
  • Mayne, Ferdy as The Leader
  • AndrĂ© the Giant as Dagoth
  • Conner, Matt as Zeus
  • Ashley, Angel

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