1960, small town France. Vianne Rocher and her pre-teen daughter move into town and open a chocolate shop just as lent is beginning. The town’s small-minded mayor can’t accept this and does his best to shut her down, but her warm personality and incredible chocolates manage to win over many townsfolk

. Things get shaken up even more when a group of river drifters, led by Roux, stop into town (to the even greater distress of the mayor) and Vianne takes up with him. Meanwhile, she’s been helping Josephine out of her abusive marriage and her equally freethinking landlord, Amande Voisin, get together with her grandson, Luc, whose mother doesn’t approve of Amande’s ways.


Title: Chocolat

Release Date: 2000

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance

    Directors: Hallström, Lasse


  • Molina, Alfred as Comte De Reynaud
  • Binoche, Juliette as Vianne Rocher
  • Moss, Carrie-Anne as Caroline Clairmont
  • Depp, Johnny as Roux
  • Parent Koenig, Aurelien as Luc Clairmont
  • Dench, Judi as Armande Voizin
  • Gil-Martinez, Antonio as Jean-Marc Drou
  • Cardona, Hélène as Francoise Drou
  • Pratt, Harrison as Dedou Drou
  • Connell, Gaelan as Didi Drou
  • Commelin, Elisabeth as Yvette Marceau
  • Cook, Ron as Alphonse Marceau
  • Tardieu, Guillaume as Baptiste Marceau
  • O”Conor, Hugh as Pere Henri
  • Wood, John as Guillaume Blerot
  • Olin, Lena as Josephine Muscat
  • Stormare, Peter as Serge Muscat
  • Caron, Leslie as Madame Audel

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