Charlie’s Angels

Based on the popular 70’s TV show, three cute chicks work for the mysterious “Charlie”. They are the female ‘James Bonds” of our time. They get to blow stuff up, kick the cr*p out of people, and wear really tight clothing, all whilst trying to retrieve stolen software and balance in high heels


Charlie's Angels

Title: Charlie’s Angels

Release Date: 2000

Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy

    Directors: McG


  • Diaz, Cameron as Natalie Cook
  • Barrymore, Drew as Dylan Sanders
  • Liu, Lucy as Alex Munday
  • Murray, Bill as John Bosley
  • Rockwell, Sam as Eric Knox
  • Lynch, Kelly as Vivian Wood
  • Curry, Tim as Roger Corwin
  • Glover, Crispin as Thin Man
  • Wilson, Luke as Pete Komisky
  • Forsythe, John as Charles Townsend
  • LeBlanc, Matt as Jason Gibbons
  • Green, Tom as Chad
  • LL Cool J as Mr. Jones
  • Whalen, Sean as Pasqual
  • Dunaway, Faye as Flight Attendant

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