This Martin Scorsese film depicts the Janus-like quality of Las Vegas—it has a glittering, glamorous face, as well as a brutal, cruel one. Ace Rothstein and Nicky Santoro, mobsters who move to Las Vegas to make their mark, live and work in this paradoxical world. Seen through their eyes, each as a foil to the other, the details of mob involvement in the casinos of the 1970’s and ’80’s are revealed

. Ace is the smooth operator of the Tangiers casino, while Nicky is his boyhood friend and tough strongman, robbing and shaking down the locals. However, they each have a tragic flaw—Ace falls in love with a hustler, Ginger, and Nicky falls into an ever-deepening spiral of drugs and violence.


Title: Casino

Release Date: 1995

Genres: Crime, Drama

    Directors: Scorsese, Martin


  • De Niro, Robert as Sam ”Ace” Rothstein
  • Stone, Sharon as Ginger McKenna/Rothstein
  • Pesci, Joe as Nicky Santoro
  • Woods, James as Lester Diamond
  • Vincent, Frank as Frank Marino
  • Cajano, Pasquale as Remo Gaggi
  • Pollak, Kevin as Phillip Green
  • Rickles, Don as Billy Sherbert
  • Vella, Vinny as Artie Piscano
  • King, Alan as Andy Stone
  • Jones, L. Q. as Pat Webb
  • Smothers, Dick as Senator
  • Rigano, Joseph as Vincent Borelli
  • Bloom, John as Don Ward
  • Prophet, Melissa as Jennifer Santoro

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