Casino Royale

James Bond is a seductive British secret agent for M:I-6 who has achieved “007” status. After trying to capture a criminal in an embassy, by illegally entering the country, 007’s boss ‘M’ is displeased with his efforts and is unsure if he is the right man for the job. As he continues to follow the trail, the trail leads Bond to the Bahmas to corrupt banker Le Chiffre who is funding international terrorists

. After seducing Solange, the beautiful wife of criminal Alex Dimitrios. 007 takes part in a card game in Montengro called ‘Casino Royale’ where Le Chiffre plans on raising the prize money for terrorist activities. With help from the beautiful and mysterious British government agent Vesper Lynd who is supplying his betting money, field agent Rene Mathis and Undercover CIA agent Felix Leiter, 007 sets out to thwart the corrupt bankers efforts to raise the money, where if Le Chiffre looses, his organization will collapse. Where 007 must uses his instincts and wits as he also deals with attempts on his life, double agents and finds himself falling in love with Vesper.

Casino Royale

Title: Casino Royale

Release Date: 2006

Genres: Action, Adventure, Thriller

    Directors: Campbell, Martin


  • Craig, Daniel as James Bond
  • Green, Eva as Vesper Lynd
  • Mikkelsen, Mads as Le Chiffre
  • Dench, Judi as M
  • Wright, Jeffrey as Felix Leiter
  • Giannini, Giancarlo as Mathis
  • Caterina Murino as Solange
  • Abkarian, Simon as Alex Dimitrios
  • De BankolĂ©, Isaach as Steven Obanno
  • Christensen, Jesper as Mr. White
  • Milicevic, Ivana as Valenka
  • Menzies, Tobias as Villiers
  • Claudio Santamaria as Carlos
  • Foucan, Sebastien as Mollaka
  • Sinclair, Malcolm as Dryden

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