Business, The

Frankie, a young lad on the run from the grimy ghetto of South London, plans his escape and the beginnings of a new life in sunny Spain – the Costa Del Sol to be more precise. Armed with nothing but a bundle of cash stashed in his luggage he heads off, yet Frankie has no idea that this sum of money will catapult him into the seductive world of ex-gangster Charlie. Before he knows it Frankie’s got more then he bargained for – he’s one of Charlie’s gang and slap bang in the middle of the heady world of organized crime


Business, The

Title: Business, The

Release Date: 2005

Genres: Comedy, Crime, Drama, Thriller

    Directors: Love, Nick


  • Dyer, Danny as Frankie
  • Hassan, Tamer as Charlie
  • Bell, Geoff as Sammy
  • Chapman, Georgina as Carly
  • Burns, Paul as The Chef
  • Hagger, James as Van Security Guard
  • Manookian, Roland as Sonny
  • Marquez, Martin as Pepe
  • Maxwell, Michael as Jimmy
  • Mead, Dan as Danny
  • Parfitt, Andy as Andy
  • Spratt, David as Clubber
  • Venegas, Arturo as Mayor
  • Webber, Eddie as Ronnie
  • Coduri, Camille as Nora

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