Banger Sisters, The

When fiftysomething Suzette loses her job as a bartender she decides to make a road trip to visit her old friend Vinnie who she hasn’t seen since their days as groupies back in the day. On the way she meets Harry, a nervous writer who says he is going home to confront his father, then shows her his gun. Once they reach their destination Suzette finds that Vinnie is now Lavinia, a conservative housewife who is reluctant to reexperience the flower power of her youth, and Harry finds confrontation with himself rather than with his father


Banger Sisters, The

Title: Banger Sisters, The

Release Date: 2002

Genres: Comedy, Drama

    Directors: Dolman, Bob


  • Hawn, Goldie as Suzette
  • Sarandon, Susan as Lavinia Kingsley
  • Rush, Geoffrey as Harry Plummer
  • Christensen, Erika as Hannah Kingsley
  • Thomas, Robin as Raymond Kingsley
  • Amurri, Eva as Ginger Kingsley
  • Carey, Matthew as Jules
  • Ware, Andre as Jake
  • Tomei, Adam as Club Owner
  • Lopez, Sal as Pump Attendant
  • Sudduth, Kohl as Hotel Clerk
  • Grimes, Tinsley as Prom Girl
  • Krask, Larry as Man in Bar
  • Garrett, Marlayna as Young Groupie
  • Todd, Josh as L.A. Buckcherry Band Member

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