Avenging Angelo

A woman who has recently discovered that she is the daughter of Angelo, a major mafia boss, decides to wreak vengeance when he is killed by a hitman. She’s aided by his faithful bodyguard, with whom she soon falls in love.

Avenging Angelo

Title: Avenging Angelo

Release Date: 2002

Genres: Action, Comedy, Crime

    Directors: Burke, Martyn


  • Stallone, Sylvester as Frankie Delano
  • Stowe, Madeleine as Jennifer Barrett Allieghieri
  • Quinn, Anthony as Angelo Allieghieri
  • Bova, Raoul as Marcello/Johnny Carboni
  • Van Gorkum, Harry as Kip Barrett
  • Gardell, Billy as Bruno
  • Touliatos, George as Lucio Malatesta
  • Celeste, Angelo as The Priest
  • Perlman, Ezra as Rawley Barrett
  • Moffat, Carin as Ashley
  • Gilbert, John as Whitney Towers
  • Greenhalgh, Dawn as Peggy Towers
  • Tsarouchas, Angelo as Thug
  • Beatty, Nancy as Meter Maid
  • Alter, Lori Anne as Kay

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