A psychiatrist’s wife encounters one of her husband’s charges, an inmate at a maximum security asylum in the outskirts of London. Her curious attraction to this man, who was found guilty in the murder and disfigurement of his former wife, grows stronger as he’s placed on the job to restore the asylum’s conservatory, mere steps from her home.


Title: Asylum

Release Date: 2005

Genres: Romance, Thriller

    Directors: Mackenzie, David


  • Richardson, Natasha as Stella Raphael
  • Bonneville, Hugh as Max Raphael
  • Lewis, Gus as Charlie Raphael
  • McKellen, Ian as Dr. Peter Cleave
  • Ackland, Joss as Jack Straffen
  • Ventham, Wanda as Bridie Straffen
  • Thurston, Sara as Mrs. Rose
  • Taylor, Alwyne as Monica
  • Aitken, Maria as Claudia Greene
  • Douglas, Hazel as Lilly
  • Keaveney, Anna as Mrs. Bain
  • Csokas, Marton as Edgar Stark
  • Willox, Robert as John Archer
  • Parfitt, Judy as Brenda Raphael
  • Harris, Sean as Nick

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