Around the Bend

Four generations of men who haven’t seen each other in years are suddenly brought together by the chance to uncover the truth about their family’s past. It’s a journey that takes them out on the road to a world full of surprises – some comic, some dramatic, and all of them personal.

Around the Bend

Title: Around the Bend

Release Date: 2004

Genres: Drama

    Directors: Roberts, Jordan


  • Caine, Michael as Henry Lair
  • Bobo, Jonah as Zach Lair
  • Lucas, Josh as Jason Lair
  • Headly, Glenne as Katrina
  • Walken, Christopher as Turner Lair
  • Eigenberg, David as John
  • Douglas, Robert as College Student
  • Cabarcas, Carlos A. as KFC Counterman
  • Bamman, Gerry as Albert
  • Effron, Jean as Albert”s Mother
  • Knight, Lily as Tiffany”s Saleswoman
  • Negron, Rick as KFC Manager
  • Marciano, David as Detective
  • Weisser, Norbert as Walter
  • O”Brien, Laurie as Ruth

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