After the Sunset

After a successful last score, a master thief retires to an island paradise. His lifelong nemesis, a crafty FBI agent, washes ashore to ensure he’s making good on his promise. The pair soon enters into a new game of cat-and-mouse


After the Sunset

Title: After the Sunset

Release Date: 2004

Genres: Action, Comedy, Crime

    Directors: Ratner, Brett


  • Brosnan, Pierce as Max Burdett
  • Hayek, Salma as Lola Cirillo
  • Harrelson, Woody as Stan Lloyd
  • Cheadle, Don as Henri Mooré
  • Harris, Naomie as Sophie
  • Penn, Chris as Rowdy Fan
  • Garity, Troy as Luc
  • Williamson, Mykelti as Agent Stafford
  • Babatundé, Obba as Zacharias
  • Hornsby, Russell as Jean-Paul
  • Linn, Rex as Agent Kowalski
  • Curtis-Brown, Robert as Lakers FBI Agent
  • Moses, Mark as Lakers FBI Agent
  • Bowen, Michael as FBI Driver
  • Ledard, Tony as Referee

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