Days of Our Lives

Stefano calls Kristen and urges her to convince John to have the police removed from the airport. Kristen then tells John that Laura would never take a flight out of town because she is scared of flying. Stefano’s man calls to report that the airport is opening up. Kristen stops by the Blake house and says goodbye to her brother.

Abe, Lexie, Jennifer and Abby stop by John and Kristen’s place for the Christmas celebration. Surprised to hear what Kristen told him, Jennifer assures John that her mother is not afraid of flying as Kristen claimed. Kristen comes up with an excuse for the mistake and changes the subject. Celeste explains to Jack her concern that Laura is helpless and urges him to go back to the airport. Laura is left on a bench in the park, covered by a blanket. Stefano then brings Peter by Kristen’s place where he can see Jennifer and Abby through a window one last time. They then head to the airport. At the airport, dressed as a janitor, Jack keeps an eye out for anything. Having a nightmare about Franco, Jill explains to Bo that she won’t do the lineup. Hope coaches her to overcome her fear. Franco calls his boss over the phone and demands that they meet him tonight.

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