As the World Turns

As she decorates the tree with Bob and Kim, Nancy is reminded of the many Christmases she spent with Dan. Unpacking the special ornaments for each of her children, Kim starts crying as she stares at Andy’s glass ball.

Emily’s holiday gets off to a bad start when she receives a letter from Jef that includes a photo of the woman he’s engaged to. She cries to Susan that he’ll probably be very happy with her and then complains about not being able to keep the man she wants. Hearing from Kelly that Paul’s at the cabin with Sarah, Emily travels through the snow and spies Paul kissing Sarah in front of a fire in the fireplace. Lucinda tries to convince Lily that she’s playing with fire in agreeing to sleep with Diego, just so she can get a peek into the locked box in his apartment. Concerned about Lily, Lucinda calls Mike to have a talk with Lily and then asks Bob to check into Diego’s credentials as a physical therapist. Meanwhile, Lily assures Diego that she wants to spend the night with him. Sparky warns Mike about racing today because the track’s in dangerous shape. His warnings fall on deaf ears as Mike boasts that he’s got to end this losing streak before the season is over. Mike and Lily almost spot Diego with Pilar at the racetrack.

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