Another World

As Sharlene enters the Harbor Club, Felicia’s face falls along with her hopes for a romantic evening with John. Dangling the threat of blackmail over Cindy’s head, Grant orders her to start befriending Jake immediately. Jake dances for joy upon learning that Vicky never slept with Bobby after all. Worried that his pal is about to go over the edge again, Chris cautions Jake not to assume it’s safe to propose to Vicky once more. As Bobby helps Vicky and her boys trim their Christmas tree, Kirkland happily announces the arrival of his “special” friend. While Steven scoffs at his brother, Bobby and Etta Mae urge a concerned Vicky not to overreact to Kirkland’s harmless fantasy. Chris tells a deflated Jake that Bobby has been escorting Vicky to the jazz club to hear Dustin play. After waiting until everyone has left the Hudson house, Carl sneaks in to do a sweep for electronic bugs he suspects Grant may have planted. Noting Felicia’s discomfort, Sharlene draws her aside and reassures John’s fiancee that she has no designs on her ex-husband. As they listen to Dustin’s latest musical creation at the club, Bobby suggests to Vicky a way to keep Grant at bay. Although grateful for the offer, Vicky reminds Bobby that letting him move in might only make matters worse. Jake is attacked as he heads toward Carlino’s.

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