Another World

Sofia returns to the Herald office and icily informs Nick she’s not interested in pursuing the conversation they began in New York. Meanwhile, Matt decides to fire Nick for sexually harassing the paper’s new intern.

A depressed Felicia confides to Rachel her fear that she’s lost John. Vicky drops by Bobby’s place to present him with a star for the top of his miniature Christmas tree. When the handyman recalls how the holidays of his childhood were never very merry, Vicky encourages her friend to stop being such a grinch and come to her house to help the family trim their tree. After making an excuse to bow out of the festivities, Bobby puts in a call to Carl. Ryan keeps a close eye on his brother as Grant plots to frame Jake for the murders of Vicky and Bobby. Insisting that Nick hasn’t been harassing her, Sofia asks Matt not to use her as an excuse to get rid of someone he perceives as a rival. Concerned by her friend’s pale demeanor, Felicia urges Rachel to see a doctor after she suddenly suffers another dizzy spell. Bobby tells Carl he’s been hearing strange messages through his own radio and the one at Vicky’s house. Grant gives Cindy instructions for her first task as his reluctant partner in crime. Carl warns Bobby that the transmissions he’s been receiving undoubtedly originate with Grant. Cass tries to play matchmaker for John and Felicia but his good intentions are thwarted when an unwitting Sharlene blunders in.

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